Can You Get Better Erections With Male Enhancement Supplements?

To make a long story short: yes! But there’s a lot behind that one word answer that you need to understand first. For starters, we’re not talking about the size or the long lasting nature of your erection. We’re not talking about the hardness of your erection, either. We’re talking about all of these things happening simultaneously.

After all, a bigger erection doesn’t do you much good if you are semi flaccid. A harder erection isn’t going to help you out if you can only keep it up for a few minutes. And maintaining an erection all night long isn’t worth much if it isn’t large enough to satisfy your partner. You need to implement strategies which make your erection bigger, harder, and last longer all at the same time.

The best strategy that our male health experts have discovered is taking a natural male enhancement supplement like Xytomax. You need a supplement that is safe, and that uses respectable ingredients in its formula. It also helps if they are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities in the USA. That way you know you’re getting one of the best products available. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – first, let’s go over the basic mechanics of an erection in order to figure out how to get better ones.  

How Do Erections Work? the Truth May Surprise You

Knowledge is power. Knowing more about how your erection works can give you some serious, pleasure-inducing power in the bedroom. It also empowers you to solve whatever erection problems you may currently be having. Erectile problems aren’t going to solve themselves while you sit around mourning a decrease in your erection quality. You’re going to have to be proactive in order to make a difference.

Of course, improving erection quality isn’t just for men who have seen a drop off as of late. With the right male enhancement products and strategies, you can enhance the quality of your erections even when everything is working perfectly. And when your reproductive anatomy is working properly, it looks a little something like this:

  • Sexual arousal stimulates your body to increase its temperature and blood pressure. This helps you send your blood flowing where you need it most for sexual activity.
  • All of this blood flow helps the blood vessels in your penis to start relaxing. When they open up like this, it allows your member to become engorged with blood to such an extent that you develop a large, hard, long-enduring erection.
  • If everything goes well, you will enjoy some sexual activity with your partner, culminating in an orgasm. When your blood pressure starts to go down in your body realizes that the sex has ended, it releases the PED5 enzyme into your bloodstream. The PED5 enzyme restricts blood flow to the vessels in your penis, rendering the organ once again flaccid for good penile health.

At least, that’s how it is supposed to work. The younger and healthier you are, the more familiar the above scenario probably sounds to you. But not all men have this same experience. If you are older, if you have problems producing enough testosterone, or both, this could be an explanation why you are having trouble getting your best quality erections.

Fixing Bad Erections (and Making Them Better)  

If you want to produce the best erections your body is capable of, you’re going to have to tweak many different variables in your favor. The most important variables are the ones we’re about to discuss. Once you know what they are, it’ll be that much easier to improve your sexual performance by tweaking your physical attributes.

  • Young men have an advantage in the erection department because they usually have lower blood pressure, less body fat, and produce more testosterone. While you can’t exactly go back in time, you can improve your diet and exercise regimen in ways what helps turn back the clock on a cellular level in your body.
  • Producing high levels of testosterone does lead to improved erection quality. But if you aren’t eating a healthy diet, lifting weights, or both, it can have detrimental effects on your body’s ability to produce enough testosterone.
  • Peyronie’s syndrome is an uncommon yet detrimental condition that can drastically decrease the quality of your erections. Men with Peyronie’s syndrome develop excess amounts of scar tissue in their penis, which cuts off blood flow and may even deform their erections.
  • Being stressed out is – pardon our French – a major boner-killer. Your body produces more cortisol whenever you are stressed out. When your body produces more cortisol, it automatically produces less testosterone because these hormones are antithetical to one another.
  • Your cardiovascular health is an important factor in getting high quality directions. If you have poor cardiovascular health, you may not be able to pump enough blood into your penis to grow as large and as firm as you would like to. You will also likely have trouble maintaining that erection for very long. It’s good to check with your doctor and get a clean bill of health to make sure that your erectile problems aren’t a symptom of a much more serious cardiovascular condition.

As long as you are otherwise healthy and get permission from your doctor, taking an herbal male enhancement supplement is one of the best things you can do to get better erections. The safe, natural ingredients in high-quality products like Xytomax help your body produce more testosterone and enhance blood flow. Accomplishing these two tasks helps you achieve the hardest, largest, longest lasting erections your body can handle.

Ingredients like horny goat weed and longjack contain natural botanicals that you won’t find in prescription male enhancement pills. Because they are natural, it’s easier for your body to absorb them and you will experience fewer negative side effects. When combined with a healthy diet and weight training exercises, you’ll be able to produce more testosterone and enhance your cardiovascular system in ways that will give you some of the best erections you’ve ever had in your whole life. So if you really want to get better erections, well, you now know what to do.

Correcting Low Libido Problems

Are you having problems with low libido? Don’t give up hope. The answer is closer than you might think. When most men picture male enhancement, fixing low libido problems isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But if you’ve been suffering from it lately, you’re probably desperate for a solution. Don’t worry – with the help of Xytomax and our male enhancement tips, you’ll be kicking your libido into hyperdrive in no time!

Step One: Evaluating Your Low Libido Symptoms

The first step to fixing a problem is knowing that you have one. If you’re confused about your libido or your sex drive in general, you should start here. People typically use the word “libido” when they’re describing feelings, thoughts, or emotions which revolve around sex or the desire for sex. The running joke on most sitcoms is that men think about sex about every 7 seconds. Now, if you’re only thinking about it every 8 or 10 seconds, that’s still perfectly normal. But if you’re only thinking about it once a day, or once a week, or even less frequently than that, you likely have a problem with low libido.

Unfortunately, solving low libido problems isn’t as easy as staring at a dirty magazine or watching some adult films. There are different physical, mental, and biological causes for low libido. It could even be traced back to:

  • Too little testosterone – Low testosterone tends to be a side effect of the aging process. But testosterone levels can drop at any age depending on how well you take care of yourself. Certain medications, a lack of exercise, or excess exposure to estrogen compounds will knock your testosterone levels in the dirt. If you can, make sure you get tested so that you and your doctor can figure out if you’re low testosterone problem is also a medical problem or not.
  • Too much going on in your head – If you have too many other things to think about swimming around in your brain, you may not have room for sexy-time thoughts. If you are stressed out or preoccupied for too long, it could alter your levels of GABA and other endorphins in a bad way and produce a long-term, negative effect on your libido.
  • Too little sleep – if you aren’t sleeping enough, you’re likely experiencing a whole host of horrible health problems. Libido might very well be the tip of that iceberg. All of your most important sexual hormones, including growth hormone and testosterone, are rejuvenated while you sleep. But if you’re not getting enough sleep or if your sleep quality sucks, then you may not be able to produce enough testosterone to get in the mood.
  • You’ve been with the same person for too long – Sometimes, being with the same person for weeks or months or years or even decades can make things get stale in the bedroom. But this is no excuse to go roaming around town for something new and exciting. With the right male enhancement formula, you can put the aroused pep back in your lascivious step and give your partner a roll in the hay they haven’t had in years.

Lots of men out there may be reading this and thinking to themselves: “i thought I was the only one with a low libido problem”. It feels pretty good to know you’re not alone, doesn’t it? It’s one of those things that men get discouraged from talking about or even thinking about because “real men” are always horny all the time, no exceptions. But the reality is that plenty of good, decent men experience a problematic lack of desire for sex from time to time. As a matter of fact, over 40% of men over the age of 45 have testosterone levels so low that they’re also probably suffering from low libido as you read this.

Keep in mind that your low libido problem isn’t just about you. This is especially true if you’re an older male with a long-term partner. You may be feeling anxious about disappointing your spouse in bed are feeling guilty or shame that you aren’t living up to their expectations. These aren’t just minor emotional quirks in your brain – these feelings have the potential to ruin your marriage or otherwise strain your personal relationships. So don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself – get proactive, and do something about your low libido.

How to Conquer Your Low Libido Problem

We’ll just get this out of the way right up front: obviously, we think you should grab yourself a supply of Xytomax. It’s the only male enhancement product specially formulated to provide all over, comprehensive male enhancement. This includes nutritional and botanical support for boosting and re-energizing your low libido. It has a whole bunch of other male enhancement benefits, too – but you’ll have to keep perusing our site to discover what they are.

While you’re waiting for your first bottle of Xytomax to arrive in the mail, you can start talking. Open and honest communication about your sex life with your partner should be your first step. But if that’s a little intimidating, try reaching out to friends or even your doctor. Your primary care practitioner can, at the very least, recommend a good therapist for you to talk to if you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone close to you. With any luck, your low libido stems from emotional distress and you can find high quality, medically sound resources to tackle it.

If you’re successful at sitting down with your partner and having a good, serious chit chat about your sex life, make a game plan to spice things up. We highly recommend checking out an adult sex shop if there’s one near you. You can also shop for toys online together. The most important goal is to do something sexy and fun with your partner that you’ve never done before – you may be surprised to learn how erotically stimulating it can be!