Erectile Dysfunction: Everything You Need to Know

Erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more of a problem, especially among older men. That’s how it seems anyway, especially if you pay attention to the prescription drug ads which run during sporting events. Are you currently suffering from erectile dysfunction? If not, congratulations! If so, our condolences. And if you’re unsure, then you’re definitely in the right place. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about erectile dysfunction – including what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

What Do We Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

According to the science nerds out there, erectile dysfunction is classified as any inability to achieve an erection, an inability to maintain an erection firmly enough to penetrate a sexual partner, or an inability to maintain an erection for as long as you would like. At least, that’s what they say at the Mayo Clinic. If you experience any of these scenarios, it’s extremely frustrating and embarrassing. What’s worse is that anxiety about erectile dysfunction can make things even worse. Any cause – physical, or mental – can cause an instance of erectile dysfunction. But after the first time it happens, you may be so worried about it happening again that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, even if there isn’t anything physically wrong with your anatomy.

The younger you are, the more disconcerting it can be if you start to experience erectile dysfunction. For most young men, it’s merely a mental thing and nothing to stress out over. But the younger you are and the more often it happens, the more likely it is that it’s the result of a physical problem. Here are the warning signs you should pay attention to if you experience frequent erectile dysfunction and are under the age of 65:

  • If there is a history of cardiovascular issues in your family, or if you have recently developed some of your own;
  • If you’ve started experiencing depression/anxiety either before your ED problems began to surface, or as a result of your erectile dysfunction;
  • If your inability to achieve an erection is causing problems in your romantic relationship;
  • If you have an instance of erectile dysfunction more than 3 times per month

If you have issues achieving an erection infrequently, if you don’t have an overwhelming amount of emotional stress in your life, if you have healthy testosterone levels, and if you are physically healthy in every other way, then the occasional fluke instance of erectile dysfunction is nothing to worry about. But the more of the symptoms above you can relate to, especially if you’re over the age of 65, the more likely it is that something else is going on.


Fixing Erectile Dysfunction Problems

There’s no real cure for erectile dysfunction. But with the right kind of treatment, you can minimize its negative effects on your sex life and your overall well-being. But first we have to throw the standard disclaimer out there and warn you that none of the advice you read here should be prioritized higher then any advice your physician has given you. That said, here’s a little general information on the different treatments that can be used for erectile dysfunction.

You Can Treat it With Prescription Drugs

Millions of men all over the world jump on an ED drug prescription the second their doctor offers it to them. Not all of these pills work the same, though. Knowing what they are and how they work is an important part of managing your erectile dysfunction problems in a healthy way.

Some of the most popular prescriptions out there are Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, and the iconic Viagra. on the one hand, all of these drugs have FDA approval, which means they are relatively safe if you use them under the close supervision of your doctor. But you have to go to your doctor and talk about your ED problems long before you can ever hope to get that prescription. Most men are very uncomfortable with that. And it’s easy to understand why. That’s why natural male enhancement supplements are so popular. You don’t need to go to all the trouble to schedule an appointment with your doctor and have an embarrassing conversation all so that you can get an expensive prescription. However, you may end up paying for this convenience in ways you never thought about.

You Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Herbal Supplements

From dusty gas station shelves to popular Enzyte commercials, it seems like you can barely turn your head without seeing an herbal male enhancement supplement being advertised. It’s almost worse than all of the prescription drug ads on TV. But manufacturers know that there’s a robust market for it, so pretty much everybody is trying to make that cash grab.

There are two basic types of male enhancement supplement, whether you’re talking about herbals are prescriptions: the kind you take as needed, and the kind you take daily. Taking a supplement daily is extremely convenient if you want to be ready for intimacy at any time, 24/7. But remembering to take it every day can be a little inconvenient. Furthermore, some of the untested supplements may cause insidious damage over time the longer you take them. That’s why it’s so important to discuss the medications and the supplement you’re taking with your doctor – they will know best which ones are safer than the rest.

As-needed supplements, on the other hand, have some positives as well as negatives of their own. You can save money and avoid cumulative physical damage if you only take an erectile dysfunction supplement when you need it. But patience – or lack thereof – is the biggest downside when it comes to as-needed doses. This means you’ll have to pay more for a daily dose of a more effective supplement so that neither you nor your partner will have to wait for the action. It is worth the wait for some men, though.

That’s why so many men turn to supplements like Xytomax. It’s an inexpensive yet effective daily male enhancement supplement which contains all natural ingredients. It’s safe to take every day for as long as you want to be capable of getting an erection at any time. It can also have bonus benefits such as increased testosterone production and size enhancement. We strongly recommend you give Xytomax a try if you haven’t already.