Get the 411 On Yohimbe

The male enhancement world is more confusing than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to the ingredients in non-prescription formulas. What do most pills include on their ingredients list? Do you know anything about those ingredients? Do you know whether or not they’re healthy, or safe to take?

We don’t believe that men should have to ask themselves these questions when trying to decide on a male enhancement supplement like Xytomax. You should already have this information at your fingertips and have a good understanding of the answers to these questions before you ever think about clicking that “buy” button. Which is why we’re going to go over one of the main ingredients in the Xytomax formula today: yohimbe. You may think you know yohimbe – but trust us when we say that you don’t know nearly as much about yohimbe as you are about to.

Where Does Yohimbe Come From?

Most of the time, when you see yohimbe extract on an ingredients label, it’s from the bark of a yohimbe tree. These trees grow naturally in Central and West Africa. The Latin name for yohimbe is pausinystalia johimbe. In human and veterinary medicine, chemists have synthesized a drug from yohimbe extract called yohimbine. Veterinarians often use this drug to bring animals out of their sedation. And US doctors like to use the synthetic version of yohimbine as a prescription cure for erectile dysfunction. But there are uncommon cases where this drug may be prescribed off-label as well.

So why should you be looking for a natural male enhancement supplement with yohimbe, instead of asking your doctor for a yohimbine prescription? There are several good reasons for this. The most obvious is convenience. Why waste time and money on doctors appointments and judgmental looks from your pharmacist when you can buy a natural version of the same drug from the privacy of your own home? It’s more likely to be cheaper that way, in addition to the privacy benefits. If anything, the synergistic effect of combining yohimbe with other male enhancement vitamins and herbs can give the Xytomax formula a potential edge over prescription ED pills.

How Does Yohimbe Work in the Male Body?

That’s a very good question which, unfortunately, most men never bother to ask. The thought process usually doesn’t go much farther than “Does it work? Yes? Then give it to me!” But we’re all about education here. So here’s exactly how and why yohimbe is one of the best male enhancement ingredients you can put into a supplement like Xytomax:

  • Yohimbe binds to specific neuron receptors in your brain capable of releasing norepinephrine and nitric oxide into your bloodstream
  • Nitric oxide has a profound effect on relaxing the blood vessels in your body – especially those of the penis – helping to achieve larger, firmer, more substantial erections
  • Next comes norepinephrine which helps close the valves on these now engorged blood vessels; this traps the blood where you need it most so that you can achieve better erections from much, much longer
  • Yohimbe has stimulant properties. In addition to getting the best possible erection you can get, you’ll have the energy to use it however you want. Not only will this help you go the distance and make it that much easier to please your lover, but the stimulating effects on your nervous system means that every sensation will feel more intense and pleasurable for you, too.

Bonus Benefits of Taking Yohimbe as Part of a Natural Male Enhancement Formula

You thought it couldn’t get any better – but it’s about to. Yes, you read that headline right. There are bonus health and wellness benefits you can get from supplementing with yohimbe extract beyond those which are directly related to male enhancement. Some of these bonus benefits can indirectly have a positive influence on your sex life. And they include:

  • Battling depression – Recently published FDA trials have revealed something fascinating: compounds like yohimbe have mild psychedelic properties. No, taking a dose of yohimbe won’t send you on a full-blown acid trip. But over time, even in small doses, it can have the same neuroprotective benefits as low dose psychedelic therapies. Isn’t science fascinating?
  • Improving metabolic health – Obesity and cardiovascular disease are like kissing cousins; the poorer your metabolic health, the more likely you are to develop cardiovascular disease which can have a profoundly negative effect on your erectile capacity. Yohimbe helps improve your metabolic health by encouraging lipolysis and increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Improving cardiovascular health – If you suffer from low blood pressure, yohimbe is great for giving you a little boost. But if high blood pressure is your problem, definitely consult with your doctor before taking any yohimbe supplements
  • Burning body fat – Yohimbe has very specific effects on fat receptor cells which make it easier for your body to unlock these cells and extract fatty acids for energy
  • Boosting energy levels – Speaking of energy, if you’re trying to give up coffee, yohimbe can be good substitute while providing all the same benefits such as alertness and cognitive enhancement
  • It can benefit women, too – Yohimbe can make sex more enjoyable for women by increasing blood flow to their genitals the same way it can for a man. it can also help them lose weight – especially that really stubborn fat that is the hardest to lose – due to its unique fat receptor cell mechanism of action

Yohimbe and Xytomax: the Perfect Combination?

It’s almost impossible to argue that yohimbe shouldn’t be a major part of any successful male enhancement formula. Between the increased erection quality, ease of achieving erections, improve sexual endurance, and more, it’s the perfect addition to any proprietary blend of safe, natural ingredients which promise to improve your sex life and sexual health. We have it on good authority through our personal experience that Xytomax is one of the most potent, high-quality formulas today which can proudly say that yohimbe is one of its main ingredients. If you’re intrigued enough to give it’s a try, we strongly encourage you to do so!