GABA Can Make Your Sex Life Great Again

Most men have never heard the word GABA without hearing the word “yo” and another GABA immediately preceding it. But today, you’re going to learn why it’s so important for your sex life. But before we get directly into GABA’s male enhancement benefits, it’s important to understand what this little molecule is, what it does, and why it should be an essential part of your male enhancement journey.

Defining GABA

GABA is a short, loud acronym for gamma-aminobutyric acid. It’s a neurotransmitter that your body produces naturally on its own if you’re getting proper nutrition. In all mammals, including humans, it works along the central nervous system. It helps your nervous system stay stable by binding to certain neuronal receptors and calming their activities when you get too stressed. And speaking of something completely unrelated, GABA also plays a role in improving muscle strength and tone. Who’da thunk these two things would be connected by the same molecule?

Why You Should Take GABA

The modern world is more plagued by insomnia and anxiety than ever before in human history. On a neurological level, these disorders can be explained buy an over-stimulated, highly excited nervous system. As we stated above, GABA is supposed to neutralize this hyperactivity and prevent people from feeling anxious and restless. But there are many nutritional and lifestyle factors which are causing people to be deficient in GABA.

Instead of trying to treat the cause, people reach for sleeping pills and benzos to get rid of the symptoms. But making this mistake can make matters worse in the long term. These drugs do a little bit of brain damage each time you take them which, over time, can make your anxiety and your sleep problems worse. They can even contribute to age-related brain disease. But taking a GABA supplement instead is both neuroprotective and effective.

Another good reason to supplement with GABA has to do with depression. Just like insomnia and anxiety, more and more people are being diagnosed with depression these days. And guess what? Those expensive antidepressants that doctors peddle to their patients try and accomplish the same thing that a GABA supplement does: increasing the amount of GABA in your brain. So why go to all the trouble of getting an expensive prescription when you can get an effective GABA supplement on your own? We think it’s clear which course of action most people should take.


Lastly – but certainly not leastly – is the powerful effect GABA has on your hormone regulation. It is especially well known to help boost the levels of human growth hormone in your body. Many doctors and medical experts have described human growth hormone as “the Fountain of Youth”. When you are young and virile, your body is producing its highest amount of growth hormone. As you age, it starts to produce less and less. But supplementing with GABA can help restore growth hormone levels.

The Connection Between GABA and Male Enhancement

All of these benefits are great regardless of gender and age, to a certain limit. But supplementing with GABA is especially good for men. Studies have shown there is a direct connection between GABA levels and the type of anxiety which causes premature ejaculation. The more GABA you have in your brain, the less anxious you will feel about “arriving early” – which often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if you are worried about it in the first place. GABA supplements can help calm you down and relax you so that you can last as long as you want to in bed.

GABA is also well-formulated to help with your libido. This tends to happen with age, but it can happen due to other external factors as well. Having a healthy sexual appetite is all about feeling ready and excited for the pleasures of the flesh. Much like with premature ejaculation, GABA helps neutralize whatever anxiety or emotional distress maybe suppressing your desire to be intimate with your partner.

So let’s go down the list: so far we’ve talked about the ways in which GABA can help ameliorate low libido and premature ejaculation. But GABA isn’t just about fixing sexual problems – it’s about giving your body sexual benefits, too. We mentioned two very important things so far in this article. Number one, we talked about how GABA can help you feel more pleasure by suppressing anxiety. Two, we mentioned how GABA controls muscle tone.

Although these two seemingly have nothing in common, these factors combined can actually help you experience more pleasurable orgasms. Increasing your muscle tone can help increase the strength of your pelvic muscles, which are the muscles that flex and contract when you climax. Furthermore, when GABA’s helping your nervous system function more efficiently, the physical sensations you experience during sex will be that much more intense.

Lastly, GABA’s ability to increase human growth hormone in the male body provides the most benefits for adult men compared to anyone else. Growth hormone increases testosterone, gives you energy, helps you build lean, strong muscle, and even helps improve your confidence. We are sure it’s easy to see how all of these factors can give you and your partner a better experience in the bedroom. When you’re not worrying about premature ejaculation, low libido, a lackluster climax, or impaired sexual stamina, you can really let loose and enjoy your time between the sheets. You’ll both be having the best sex of your lives!

Whether you’re new to the male enhancement supplement game or you’re a veteran who’s still on the hunt, you now know why GABA should be a quintessential ingredient in any male enhancement supplement you take. There isn’t an me supplement on the market right now that can deliver on its male enhancement promises if it doesn’t have GABA in it. GABA is just one of the many ingredients in the Xytomax male enhancement formula which contributes to helping men like you get the results they deserve. And you can’t get these benefits through diet and exercise alone – you need a high-quality supplement to help push you to the limit.