Can Maca Root Make You More Manly? Science Has the Answer

There are so many different ingredients in male enhancement products these days, it can be hard to know which ones should and shouldn’t be on the label of the one you’re taking. Today, we’re going to talk about maca root. This ingredient has exploded with popularity in recent years. But what’s so great about it? Is it as good as everyone says it is? Should it really be in male enhancement supplements at all? We’ve done some research and we have the answers to these questions. So get ready to learn all about maca root.

Where Maca Root Comes From

Maca root has been cultivated for medicinal purposes for over two thousand years. But it may have been used for even longer than that due to a lack of record-keeping by ancient societies. It’s a type of tuber which grows underground, sort of like a sweet potato or a carrot. In addition to medicinal use, it is also a popular ingredient in South American dishes.

The fancy sounding Latin name for maca root is lepidium meyenii. The plant is both herbaceous and biennial. It originally evolved to grow in the higher, cooler altitudes of the Andes Mountains located in what is now known as Peru. The most successful maca root farms grow near large bodies of water, such as Junin Lake. Obviously, due to its known male enhancement benefits, it is now farmed in many other countries and regions as well. You may have also heard of maca root buy some of its other names: Peruvian ginseng, maino, and/or ayak chichira.

The Reasons People Use Maca Root

Maca root isn’t just useful for male enhancement – but we’ll get to that part in a minute. People have used maca for many other reasons ever since mankind discovered that it had such wonderful health benefits. Some of those include:

  • Brain power – many people believe that maca root helps improve cognitive clarity and mental focus. The only catch is that you have to take it on a fairly regular basis. However, your reflexes and memory may also improve.
  • Reduce fatigue – in addition to enhancing cognition, maca root can help with chronic fatigue. A side effect of improving brain function is that it’s easier to feel awake and alert. This helps get rid of the dreaded brain fog and feeling tired all day.
  • Farming – specifically, ranching. The male enhancement benefits of maca root aren’t limited to the human body. South American ranchers have used maca root for years in order to increase the fertility and virility of their stock.
  • Antioxidant benefits – the more fresh fruits and vegetables you eat, the more antioxidants you get. Every single human cell in every single human being every moment of every day incurs oxidative damage from its normal activities. Consuming antioxidants can help reduce this and help you live a longer, healthier life. If too much oxidative damage builds up in your system, it can cause you to look and feel older before your time. The antioxidants in maca root are not only abundance, but cannot be easily found in more popular fruits and vegetables.

Maca Roots Potent Male Enhancement Benefits

Here’s where we get to the most important part of this article: the male enhancement benefits of maca root. Male enhancement is by far the best reason to supplement with maca root. Just look at this laundry list of ways this plant extract can help you feel better, healthier, and stronger as a man:

  • More sexual stamina – maca root can help you last longer in bed. It doesn’t matter if you’re having trouble lasting as long as you’d like, or if you want to surpass your current sexual potential; maca root can help you go the distance
  • Maximum libido – Most men don’t believe they’ll ever lose interest in sex…until they reach a certain age and it happens to them. Maca root helps correct the hormonal imbalances that cause this drop and sexual desire. You’ll be getting as frisky as ever with a good amount of maca root in your life
  • Reduced erectile dysfunction – If you’re currently suffering from erectile dysfunction, maca root can wipe that right out. Many problems can cause ED, including Low-T levels, age, stress, and more. But maca root attacks the problem from multiple angles for maximum erectile function
  • Better erection quality – not only will you be achieving erections, but the ones you have will be larger, stronger, harder, and longer-lasting. And this doesn’t just benefit you in the heat of the moment. Overtime, achieving these larger and firmer erections on a regular basis, can lead to growth in unexpected areas
  • Slow, significant penis growth – specifically, it can lead to the growth of your anatomy. Stretching out the soft tissues of your penis over and over again with a maca root supplement can increase the overall length and thickness of your member. It won’t happen overnight, but if you keep track with regular measurements, you will see that maca root has the power to improve upon what you were born with
  • Enhance fertility – is infertility a problem for you? Then maca root can be the answer. As we touched on earlier, this route isn’t just good for making livestock have more sex and produce more babies. It has an equally powerful effect in the human body. Just remember to be extra careful if having more babies as the last thing you want!

Clearly, getting more maca root into your diet is a great way to improve your physical, mental, and sexual health as a man. There are several different ways you can do this. You can take a maca root supplement, or you can take a high-quality male enhancement supplement which has maca root in it. Xytomax is one such supplement. It combines the male enhancement benefits of maca root with other powerful ingredients like GABA, horny goat weed, and more. So if you want to male enhancement supplement that can harness the power of maca root and then some, you should take a closer look at Xytomax.

GABA Can Make Your Sex Life Great Again

Most men have never heard the word GABA without hearing the word “yo” and another GABA immediately preceding it. But today, you’re going to learn why it’s so important for your sex life. But before we get directly into GABA’s male enhancement benefits, it’s important to understand what this little molecule is, what it does, and why it should be an essential part of your male enhancement journey.

Defining GABA

GABA is a short, loud acronym for gamma-aminobutyric acid. It’s a neurotransmitter that your body produces naturally on its own if you’re getting proper nutrition. In all mammals, including humans, it works along the central nervous system. It helps your nervous system stay stable by binding to certain neuronal receptors and calming their activities when you get too stressed. And speaking of something completely unrelated, GABA also plays a role in improving muscle strength and tone. Who’da thunk these two things would be connected by the same molecule?

Why You Should Take GABA

The modern world is more plagued by insomnia and anxiety than ever before in human history. On a neurological level, these disorders can be explained buy an over-stimulated, highly excited nervous system. As we stated above, GABA is supposed to neutralize this hyperactivity and prevent people from feeling anxious and restless. But there are many nutritional and lifestyle factors which are causing people to be deficient in GABA.

Instead of trying to treat the cause, people reach for sleeping pills and benzos to get rid of the symptoms. But making this mistake can make matters worse in the long term. These drugs do a little bit of brain damage each time you take them which, over time, can make your anxiety and your sleep problems worse. They can even contribute to age-related brain disease. But taking a GABA supplement instead is both neuroprotective and effective.

Another good reason to supplement with GABA has to do with depression. Just like insomnia and anxiety, more and more people are being diagnosed with depression these days. And guess what? Those expensive antidepressants that doctors peddle to their patients try and accomplish the same thing that a GABA supplement does: increasing the amount of GABA in your brain. So why go to all the trouble of getting an expensive prescription when you can get an effective GABA supplement on your own? We think it’s clear which course of action most people should take.


Lastly – but certainly not leastly – is the powerful effect GABA has on your hormone regulation. It is especially well known to help boost the levels of human growth hormone in your body. Many doctors and medical experts have described human growth hormone as “the Fountain of Youth”. When you are young and virile, your body is producing its highest amount of growth hormone. As you age, it starts to produce less and less. But supplementing with GABA can help restore growth hormone levels.

The Connection Between GABA and Male Enhancement

All of these benefits are great regardless of gender and age, to a certain limit. But supplementing with GABA is especially good for men. Studies have shown there is a direct connection between GABA levels and the type of anxiety which causes premature ejaculation. The more GABA you have in your brain, the less anxious you will feel about “arriving early” – which often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if you are worried about it in the first place. GABA supplements can help calm you down and relax you so that you can last as long as you want to in bed.

GABA is also well-formulated to help with your libido. This tends to happen with age, but it can happen due to other external factors as well. Having a healthy sexual appetite is all about feeling ready and excited for the pleasures of the flesh. Much like with premature ejaculation, GABA helps neutralize whatever anxiety or emotional distress maybe suppressing your desire to be intimate with your partner.

So let’s go down the list: so far we’ve talked about the ways in which GABA can help ameliorate low libido and premature ejaculation. But GABA isn’t just about fixing sexual problems – it’s about giving your body sexual benefits, too. We mentioned two very important things so far in this article. Number one, we talked about how GABA can help you feel more pleasure by suppressing anxiety. Two, we mentioned how GABA controls muscle tone.

Although these two seemingly have nothing in common, these factors combined can actually help you experience more pleasurable orgasms. Increasing your muscle tone can help increase the strength of your pelvic muscles, which are the muscles that flex and contract when you climax. Furthermore, when GABA’s helping your nervous system function more efficiently, the physical sensations you experience during sex will be that much more intense.

Lastly, GABA’s ability to increase human growth hormone in the male body provides the most benefits for adult men compared to anyone else. Growth hormone increases testosterone, gives you energy, helps you build lean, strong muscle, and even helps improve your confidence. We are sure it’s easy to see how all of these factors can give you and your partner a better experience in the bedroom. When you’re not worrying about premature ejaculation, low libido, a lackluster climax, or impaired sexual stamina, you can really let loose and enjoy your time between the sheets. You’ll both be having the best sex of your lives!

Whether you’re new to the male enhancement supplement game or you’re a veteran who’s still on the hunt, you now know why GABA should be a quintessential ingredient in any male enhancement supplement you take. There isn’t an me supplement on the market right now that can deliver on its male enhancement promises if it doesn’t have GABA in it. GABA is just one of the many ingredients in the Xytomax male enhancement formula which contributes to helping men like you get the results they deserve. And you can’t get these benefits through diet and exercise alone – you need a high-quality supplement to help push you to the limit.

There Are Many Shocking Reasons Why Synthetic Testosterone Is Dangerous

If you’re a man, then you should be producing testosterone. And you should be producing as much as possible, right? So what happens when you’re not? Well, you probably don’t feel that great. Men who produce high amounts of testosterone feel strong, invincible, confident, and even look better. Men who produce too little testosterone, on the other hand, feel the exact opposite. So what’s the downside of trying to boost your testosterone levels – whether synthetically, or otherwise?

It turns out that there’s actually a lot wrong with trying to boost your testosterone levels with synthetic chemicals. It’s easy to go overboard and cause yourself a lot of health problems long term. When you try to raise your testosterone naturally, this doesn’t happen. But it’s unfortunately common if you try to go the synthetic route. We’ve done our research because, among other things related to men’s sexual health, testosterone is our expertise. So if you want to avoid the dangers of synthetic testosterone, we strongly suggest you keep reading. Otherwise, you could be doing a lot of harm to your body!

Anabolic Steroids Are Not the Answer

Most people get a very specific mental image when they hear the word “steroids”: some lean, veiny, well-muscled guy bent over in a bathroom sticking a needle into his rump. Yes, this may be a stereotype for a reason, but steroids are a lot more complicated than that. The reality of the situation can be very different.

If you are athletic, professionally or otherwise, you may be tempted to try steroids. If you think your testosterone levels are too low, steroids may also be an attractive option for you. But cheating and cutting corners in order to boost your testosterone levels is not the best way to go about making yourself a manlier man. This is especially true if you order counterfeit hormones off the black market or without a doctor’s supervision. Different steroids are formulated in ways that are designed to pass a drug screening without detection. Many of these compounds can be dangerous if not flat-out poison. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could make yourself very sick.

Here’s how steroids work, assuming you get a high quality formula: you inject testosterone and dihydrotestosterone into your body. Every single type of tissue in your body starts stimulating testosterone when exposed to these chemicals. But this can be very problematic. The tissues that are supposed to be producing your testosterone are your testes and your adrenal glands (in very small amounts). When you start telling your other tissues to produce testosterone, these organs kick up their feet, relax, and take a break. If that break is too long – meaning if you use steroids for extended periods of time – your testes and your adrenals start to get lazy. They start to get fat. They start to lose their ability to do their job. And this creates a world problems for your body’s natural ability to produce its own testosterone. But we’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s talk about another type of synthetic testosterone: testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

TRT Isn’t Much Better Than Steroids

If you think testosterone replacement therapy is a better way to synthetically raise your testosterone levels, think again. It may be safer because you’re doing it under a doctor’s supervision and because you know that the testosterone you’re getting was cleanly manufactured, but that’s just about where the benefits end. You’re still doing the same thing you would with a steroid – you’re forcing other tissues in your body to produce the testosterone that your testes and adrenals should be producing. And you’re shortchanging their ability to do their job in the long run by forcing them to take a backseat.

But don’t let this discount the fact that there are legitimate reasons for getting testosterone replacement therapy from your doctor. Before pharmaceutical companies massaged away the regulations which preserved TRT for only the patients who truly needed it, it has some very important therapeutic uses. Unfortunately, it has gone the way of Botox in that it is much more popular (and profitable) these days for people to take it for cosmetic, superficial reasons.

What Can TRT/Steroids Do to Your Body?

Here’s another area where the stereotypes about steroid use share a lot of truth with their myths. The health dangers of synthetic testosterone use are many, they’re serious, and they are bad. Side effects of steroid use include:

  • Shrunken testicles
  • Uncontrollable fits of rage
  • Mental health issues such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and thoughts of aggression
  • Liver, kidney, or heart failure
  • Hair loss
  • Infertility due to low sperm count
  • Acne breakouts, especially in older men
  • A dangerous spike in cholesterol levels
  • Dangerous spikes in blood pressure

In addition to the symptoms above, one of the most dangerous things that can happen as a result of using steroids is the growth of breast tissue. Breast tissue should not be confused with man boobs because the two are completely different. Man boobs are just fat deposits on your chest that are curvy and feminine-looking. Breast tissue is not fat; breast tissue is uniquely difference from adipose on a cellular level. These differences make it specifically susceptible to the growth of breast cancer. And that’s the ultimate level of irony – dying from breast cancer because you were trying to use steroids to get more manly.

Natural Testosterone Production Is the Way to Go

Surprise, surprise; boosting your testosterone naturally is it safer than using steroids. It’s also much more cost-effective seeing as how steroid chemicals can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But beyond that, you’ll get the benefits of higher testosterone without the dangerous or unpleasant side effects you would get with a steroid.

Boosting your natural testosterone production will improve your sex life in almost every way. You’ll get better erections more quickly, and you’ll be able to get one every single time you’re horny – no exceptions. You will have the libido of a pornstar and the stamina to go with it. You’ll be able to please your partner in ways that she’s never experienced before with any other man. And the best way to do it is with Xytomax.

The Best Safe, Natural Ways to Maximize Testosterone

Testosterone is a wonderful thing. It’s what makes a man a man. It what separates the strong from the weak. It keeps you fertile and gives you the insatiable sex drive that men are naturally born with. However, some men don’t produce enough of it. This can be extremely frustrating if you happen to be one of those men. As a matter of fact, it can even cause health problems later in life. If you want to make sure your testosterone levels are healthy – and make them even healthier – then our guide on safe, natural ways to maximize your testosterone is the best place to start.

Can Raising Your Testosterone Levels Be Dangerous?

Before we answer that question, we want you to consider three very important things:

  • How healthy are you?
  • Why do you want to boost your testosterone? What are your goals?
  • Are you trying to boost your testosterone naturally, or through some other means?

Even if you are ambitions are to naturally raise your testosterone levels, you could trigger an extremely rare condition which raises your levels much too high. But this is almost unheard of for the average man. As long as you’re doing it safely through natural means, and as long as you’re doing it with realistic goals in mind, there are no dangers whatsoever. But if you are younger and you have extremely ambitious goals, you could be treading dangerous waters. This is especially true if you are willing to go beyond natural methods in order to artificially raise your testosterone.

We strongly urge against using synthetic testosterone boosters to raise your T-levels. Anabolic steroids are, of course, the most popular option. But there are so many health concerns surrounding the use and abuse of steroids that it would probably take a whole other post to explain them all. One of the most jarring, however, is what your body does when you force it to produce more testosterone than it can handle. Guess what happens to it? It gets converted in the estrogen! That’s why people who abuse testosterone end up with shrunken testicles, off the wall mood swings, suicidal thoughts, or extreme depression. You can even start to grow breast tissue, no matter how well developed your pectoral muscles are.

Sticking to natural methods won’t raise testosterone levels dangerously high unless you have rare conditions such as adrenal tumors or hyperthyroidism. Even though such tumors are usually benign and extremely rare, it can still wreak havoc on your testosterone levels. Hyperthyroidism is also a very serious condition which you need to talk to your doctor about. It’s a good idea to consult your physician before starting any natural testosterone boosting regimen. This is true regardless of whether you are in perfect health or not.

Four Easy Steps to Boosting Your Testosterone

Men are, by nature, organized. They’re go-getters. They’re do-ers. And as such, it’s our natural instinct to follow a game plan whenever we want to accomplish something. Lucky for you, we’ve already outlined your game plan to boost your testosterone levels naturally. And it’s a simple as following these four easy steps.

Step Number One: Improve Your Workout Routine

Look at pictures of our ancient ancestors. Notice anything in particular? They were built to be lean, mean, muscular machines. They were experts at picking heavy things up, and putting them back down. Unfortunately, modern society doesn’t have much room in it for the average man to practice these skills. So you’re going to have to give your body what it needs by lifting weights in the gym. Lifting weights and building muscle not only helps your body produce more testosterone, but it sends a signal to your brain to pump out higher levels of testosterone on a regular basis. This helps maintain your muscle mass while making you stronger.

Step Number Two: QESG Your Diet

If you have to binge watch the Netflix series for inspiration, we won’t stop you. But you need to understand that in order to make more testosterone, you’re going to have to give your diet a total makeover. Believe it or not, this isn’t as girly as it seems. In order to accomplish this, though, you need to focus on the following:

  • Eat vitamins and minerals which produce testosterone molecules. These include zinc, vitamin D3, and vitamin B6.
  • Count your macronutrients, too. Your body can’t make testosterone without the right ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrates. There are plenty of online calculators which can help you figure out you are ideal ratios.
  • Stop eating sugar! We’re serious. Sugar from fruits and veggies is okay – it’s the processed crap you have to worry about. Be on the lookout for food labels that have high sugar and low fiber. And if you see anything that says “high fructose corn syrup”, light it on fire and throw it in the garbage. Sugar is a well-known testosterone killer.

Step Number Three: Balance Your Hormones With Better Sleep

We’ll bet that most of you who are reading this right now have no idea how important good sleep is for your testosterone levels. It is so powerful, in fact, that we may have made a mistake by not putting it as number one on our list. When it comes to sleep, there are two things you have to keep in mind: you have to get the right quantity of sleep, and you also have to get the right quality of sleep in order to produce optimal levels of testosterone.

Step Number Four: Choose a Quality Testosterone Supplement

Yes, believe it or not, there is a very big difference between testosterone enhancement supplements and steroids. No needles are required with the right supplements. It’s as simple as finding a pill that contains high quality ingredients. Many of those ingredients can be easily found in popular, affordable male enhancement supplements. You should look for pills which contain horny goat weed, maca root, and more. The special plant compounds in these herbs and spices can give your body the power to produce more testosterone than you ever knew you were capable of.