Does Horny Goat Weed Actually Make You Horny?

Horny goat weed is a popular ingredient in male enhancement supplements – it also has a very funny name. But the truth is that it has very serious male enhancement benefits. The fact that sales are booming is even more proof of this very real fact. Believe it or not, its explosive sales record isn’t just because of its name – there are many scientific studies which are starting to expose this herb’s male enhancement properties.

As you can see, the hype behind horny goat weed isn’t just in its name. Many men may be surprised to find out that horny goat weed doesn’t just make you horny, either. Horny goat weed has some really impressive male enhancement benefits that you can’t get by simply exercising or taking a normal multivitamin.

Because we are male enhancement experts, we wanted to dig deep and find out everything that horny goat weed has to offer. We came up with some really shocking results. On top of that, we found some of the best male enhancement supplements available which contain horny goat weed!

Horny Goat Weed: an Interesting History

Here’s a quick true or false quiz: is horny goat weed actually a weed? If you answered false, you’re correct! Then again, we probably gave the answer away when we referred to it as an herb a minute ago. Its Latin name is epimedium. It’s a pretty sturdy plant, and it currently grows in many different regions across the Earth. Thousands of years ago, though, it originally started growing in a specific region spanning the Middle East and the Northwestern part of China. When you break horny goat weed down into its botanical extracts, you get a natural, healthy substance called icariin. And the more of it you can get, the more potent your male enhancement benefits will be.

Horny goat weed maybe this herbs most popular moniker, but it is not the only one. In other parts of the world, you may hear people calling it fairy wings, bishop’s hat, barrenwort, or yin yang huo. But if you’re wondering how it got the nickname horny goat weed, there’s a very interesting story behind that. It’s also a pretty straightforward story. Many hundreds of years ago, back in the Middle East, goat farmers noticed their flock acting very peculiar after eating this plant. They started mating more frequently. They also started having more babies. Thankfully for mankind, it has a similar effect on the human body. It’s now one of the most popular male enhancement ingredients in the market today.

The Many Male Enhancement Benefits of Horny Goat Weed

Many people may be suspicious of whether or not horny goat weed is a truly effective male enhancement supplement. We are sure that lots of people assume it’s a fancy sugar pill with a catchy name. Based on our research, we are happy to inform you that this ingredient is the real deal. And it’s not just about making you horny, either. Horny goat weed goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to providing you with the male enhancement you want.

Libido-Boosting Benefits

We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be called “horny” goat weed unless it did something great for your sex drive. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most potent natural libido enhancers on the planet. It accomplishes this task by effectively neutralizing excess cortisol in your system. Not only does too much cortisol lower your testosterone, but it can leave you feeling too stressed or anxious to get in the mood. Getting rid of cortisol boost your testosterone back up and also reduces negative emotions. This creates the perfect storm for jacking up your libido.

Helps Build More Muscle

Like we just said, horny goat weed helps boost your testosterone levels back up if they have been artificially dragged down by excess cortisol. But that’s not all it does. The main bioactive compound, icariin, boost your testosterone levels up even more. In fact, it’s so effective that bodybuilders and powerlifters occasionally supplement with it. It isn’t necessarily banned by any major anti-doping agencies, so lots of athletes take it in order to build muscle and enhance athletic performance.

Helps Fix Erectile Dysfunction

There are actually multiple ways in which horny goat weed can help you send off erectile dysfunction. The first way brings us back to the plant’s interaction with cortisol. When your erectile dysfunction is caused by stress or other emotional issues, odds are pretty good that your cortisol levels are way too high. And when horny goat weed neutralizes that excess cortisol, it takes away whatever stress or mental block that’s preventing you from getting it up.

But sometimes erectile dysfunction is caused by a physical problem. That problem – more often than not – has to do with something called the PDE5 enzyme. Whenever you have a climax and your erection goes down, it’s because the PDE5 enzyme in your bloodstream constricts the blood vessels in your penis and sends blood flowing out of your love organ. Unfortunately, sometimes your PDE5 levels stay high even when you want to get it back up. But the bioactive compounds in horny goat weed also help reduce the amount of PDE5 in your blood. This gives you the ability to achieve an erection whenever you are feeling frisky and ready to go.

How to Get Horny Goat Weed

If you like everything you’ve read so far, you may be ready to start supplementing with horny goat weed. We definitely understand the impulse. Many of our research staff members started shopping around online, too! Some online stores will even sell you seeds so that you can grow your own horny goat weed. But that can be inefficient and expensive for most men.

When it comes to supplementing with horny goat weed, you have two choices: buying a pure horny goat weed supplement all by itself, or buying a male enhancement formula with horny goat weed in it. We suggest you look into the latter. There are many different male enhancement products out there – like Xytomax, for example – that incorporate horny goat weed with other testosterone boosting ingredients. They’re safe, natural, and they’ll get you real results.

The Male Enhancement Powers of Muira Puama

There are so many different male enhancement products out there, it’s hard to keep track of them all! On top of that, the market is flooded with copycat products which try to mimic the successful ones and fail miserably. So how do you know the difference between a copycat, and the real deal? Well, you have to look at the ingredients. There are certain ingredients that are more effective than others when it comes to male enhancement. And muira puama is one of them.

Muira puama is one of the more popular ingredients in effective male enhancement supplements today. But it wasn’t always so well-known. The male enhancement benefits of this particular herb have only recently been discovered due to it’s exotic origins. As with any newly-discovered, exotic ingredient, you have to be especially careful about where you get it. Today, we’re going to tell you all about muira puama, what it can do for your male enhancement needs, and how to find the best male enhancement supplements so that you can get the muira puama your body needs.

All About Muira Puama

Muira puama is often times referred to as “potency wood.” Its Latin name is ptychopetalum olacoides, and it grows abundantly in the Amazon rainforest. Technically, muira puama comes from a shrub; however, if it is well cultivated or left to grow naturally, muira puama trees can grow as tall as 14′ high. The muira puama extract that most men benefit from is derived from the bark and the roots of this plants. Muira puama contains many healthful biological compounds such as lupeol, plant sterols, coumarin, long chain fatty acids, and the star of our show: muirapuamine.

So What Does Muira Puama Do, Exactly?

Now that we’ve filled you in on muira puama’s background, it’s time to get to the meat and potatoes of this meal. You want to know the answer to the question: why is a muira puama such a popular ingredient in male enhancement products these days? The truth is that there isn’t any one single reason why muira puama is so good for helping men improve their sexual health. There are several!

Many different cultures in South America agree that muira puama is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs that grows in their region. We’re sure you’ve heard wives tales about strawberries, oysters, or even crazy things like green M&Ms being a good aphrodisiac – but even those with some semblance of effectiveness pale in comparison to muira puama. If you’ve been having trouble lately with a flagging libido,then you need some muira puama in your life. Many a tropical dwelling South American man has used muira puama to maintain a healthy, active, verile sex life into old age.

Lots of men, depending on age, may suffer from either premature ejaculation or low sexual stamina. In some horrible cases, it’s both! Thankfully, muira puama is the solution, no matter which one of these problems may be plugging you.

If “arriving early” is the issue, it may not always be physical. Actually, more often than not, anxiety about premature ejaculation turns it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. But muira puama has Natural plant compounds which help reduce anxiety so that you won’t worry about it.

If you’re getting on in years and you’re having problems lasting as long as you used to in bed, then you should look into some muira puama, too. A boost in your daily energy levels is a common (but good!) side effect when it comes to muira puama. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, or you may end up with some unwanted insomnia or some restless nights that don’t have anything to do with sex.  

Non-Sexual Benefits of Muira Puama

Cardiovascular health isn’t just an overall health issue for men; it’s an especially important issue when it comes to their sexual health, too. Muira puama helps improve cardiovascular health along with its many other benefits. It has the ability to lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. But muira puama isn’t just good for your heart. It’s good for your muscles as well. Some scientific studies suggest that is little as 15 mg of muira puama a day can help men build more muscle while reducing their body fat composition, especially if they work out.

Besides your penis, your muscles, and your heart, muira puama is great for brain health. This extract contains phytochemicals which are responsible for increasing the amount of nerve growth factor in your body. This helps enhance brain cell function and helps your body grow new brain cells. The main benefits of this process include a healthier, more balanced mood and enhanced cognitive function – especially with regard to memory and memory retrieval. It can even help delay the development of age-related brain disease.

If you have aches and pains related to inflammation, muira puama can help with those. It’s especially helpful for joint pain, even if you only apply it topically. People with stomach upset or other digestive issues swear by muira puama. It is reported to be extremely helpful for your GI tract. Lastly, muira puama can reduce the symptoms of certain muscle disorders. Muscle spasms and poliomyelitic paralysis are among the top conditions which muira puama is most effective at either partially or completely alleviating.

Should You Take Muira Puama Alone? or With Other Supplements?

The answer to this question really depends on what your goals are. If you only want the bare-bones benefits – like a higher libido or PE protection – then you might be okay just supplementing with muira puama alone. But if you want overall male enhancement, you want to look for a product which contains not just muira puama, but other ingredients which encourage all of the different aspects of male enhancement.

If you’re wondering exactly what those ingredients are – or what exactly the phrase “total male enhancement” means – keep checking our blog for future updates. Will cover different ingredients which contribute to an effective male enhancement product, the true meaning of male enhancement, and so much more.

Xytomax: More than Enhancement

Regardless of whether you’re a young man who just wants to add a little more fun to sex, or you’re a little older and you want to regain some of the spark you had in your youth, Xytomax could potentially help you get to where you want to go. One thing that makes Xytomax such a nice change from the myriad other male enhancement pills on the market is that the formula is all-natural, meaning it is not stuffed with a lot of potentially harmful chemicals.

There are a ton of products on the market to solve a lot of problems, but there are actually few on the market that do exactly what they claim and do so without the prospect of negative side effects. One reason Xytomax stands out as a product is because the market for male enhancement pills includes plenty of products that don’t perform well or worse, they put life and health at risk. The ingredients in Xytomax will not only enhance size, but it will increase stamina and sexual endurance, at the the same time prolonging the experience.

While many male enhancement products promise miracle cures and claim magical properties, Xytomax uses science to create an effective pill with a combination of many powerful ingredients that start working almost as soon as you take it. Rather than filling their product with a lot of chemicals that may or may not work and may or may not cause terrible side effects, the makers of Xytomax have used a variety of very effective herbs and natural supplements and combined them in a capsule that is both easy to take and effective.

The Best You’ve Ever Had: Xytomax

For those men who may be scouring the Internet for a male enhancement product that works at least as well as their ads claim, without putting their health in danger, they need look no further than Xytomax. This pill may be exactly what you’re looking for. Xytomax was recently tweaked and the new formulation has been carefully crafted using scientific methods to wash away your sexual anxiety and make your sex life more satisfying than it ever was.

Unlike many male enhancement supplements, Xytomax was developed through extensive research and was followed by extensive testing and numerous clinical trials. Many different combinations of ingredients were tested to find which combination was most effective. The current formula does a great job of increasing blood flow in a way that both enhances size and girth. However, this product does a lot more; the ingredients serve to stimulate the sexual appetite and make everything last longer. Whether you are older and you want to regain some of the spark you once had or you’re a younger man who just wants to increase the level of fun and satisfaction, this is the results you want.

Not only is Xytomax one of the most effective male enhancement products on the market, but it is a safe product that is also surprisingly affordable. Because you don’t need a prescription for Xytomax, you can buy as much as you want, to ensure that you are ready any time it is needed. Many men report that the effects of using Xytomax improve as part of a daily routine over time. That is because the ingredients in Xytomax build in the system. In some cases, after 12 months of taking Xytomax, men reach their peak sexual performance and feel the greatest satisfaction all around.

About Xytomax

There are many different male enhancement pills on the market today. But only one of them combines safe, natural ingredients to make a potent and effective male enhancement formula. Of course, we’re talking about Xytomax. Unlike dangerous prescription drugs, Xytomax doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or unnatural substances. Xytomax doesn’t cause any harmful or unpleasant side effects. Furthermore, users across the board report experiencing fantastic results with Xytomax.